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Connecting with guests has never been easier.

15 years creating Mobile Hospitality Guest Engagement Solutions

Customer relationships that have lasted more than a decade

Solutions built for properties of all service levels

"Runtriz Integrates with WhatsApp to Power Guest and Staff Communication for Hotels"


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Before the Stay


Runtriz guest engagement begins with mobile messaging, emails, and promotions to increase awareness and interest for potential guests. By highlighting features, amenities, and local attractions, you raise your property profile and encourage direct bookings.

After booking, Runtriz solutions offer early check-in, upgrades, and staff recommendations, extending the length of stay and increasing revenue. Guests can also start direct chats and messaging with staff to make special requests for their room, event, or activities.

During the Stay


Engagement opportunities continue during the stay with Runtriz solutions such as mobile key, F&B ordering, mobile check-in, mobile pay, and chat provide guest engagement that increases revenue.

Push notifications sent during the stay provide guests with tailored promotions, attraction information, amenities scheduling, transportation, and event information. Mobile in-room controls for TV, lighting, thermostat and electronic devices provide convenience and contribute to the overall satisfaction during the stay.

After the Stay


Guest engagement doesn't end when they leave the property. After the guests' stay, it is the perfect time to request feedback, surveys, and ratings. Guest are 5x more likely to respond to feedback requests when they are received on a mobile device.

Guest loyalty and return visits increase by engagement after the stay. In addition, sending push notifications with mobile messaging for promotions, events, loyalty rewards, and updates increase participation and return visits.

Our Clients


Trusted by hundreds of hotels and hospitality groups both nationally and internationally.

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