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 The Theory of Creative Problem Solving

Our Journey


Runtriz started as a tablet-based platform in 2006.   However, in 2007 the iPhone was introduced, and that changed the way we designed everything. We started focusing on developing the Runtriz platform for all mobile devices. By 2008 our platform was being implemented at our first property, The Malibu Beach Inn. The concept was simple: you were given an iPod touch at check-in, which allowed you to have direct communication with the hotel staff.

Within a few years we began our long partnership with Caesars Entertainment. Runtriz created a mobile workflow management solution to help deliver beverages to the casino floor in under 7 minutes. The result was an increase in customer satisfaction and reduce guest migration to other properties.

These two engagements helped build the foundation for what the platform is today. In 2010 we increased our capabilities and partnered with many of the biggest brands in hospitality. By 2017 our platform had evolved into a highly scalable and flexible solution used at more than 2000 hotels worldwide.

In 2019, with the spread of the global pandemic, contactless/touchless solutions became a necessity for the hospitality industry. The Runtriz platform, with its deep integrations and expertise in mobile check-in, guest services, in-room controls, food & beverage, and mobile key, was able to start providing solutions immediately.

Our Mission


To create innovative software solutions that connect properties with their guests and provide a superior experience.

Our Evolution

Our Past

Initially, we had one solution that provided guest services on a mobile app. Since that time, we have worked with customers and partners to create comprehensive Mobile Guest Engagement solutions that allowed hotels to communicate with guests on multiple levels.

Our product has evolved to include a full range of Contactless Hospitality Apps:


  • Compatibility with mobile devices, tablets, and computers

  • Integrating with hospitality systems to provide a unified experience in many parts of their businessProviding a flexible solution that allows hotels to implement a workflow

  • Creating complex F&B workflows

  • Mobile key and Check-in


Our Present

Today we are the leader in mobile guest engagement solutions. Our portfolio includes international brands in 200 counties translated into more than 100 languages. We are known for offering a highly flexible, integrated, and intuitive platform that enables properties to achieve multiple levels of guest engagement, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


Our Future

Runtriz has an opportunity to allow the guest to customize their stay and disintermediate many experiences by allowing the guest to go directly to the system, person, or business that can fulfill the traveler's needs. Imagine being able to do everything on your journey through a single mobile app on your device that would allow you to do things like check-in, communicate with the hotel, book local appointments, control your room, and provide a travel wallet that works with airlines, entertainment providers, and car rental companies. In essence, the app becomes your golden ticket to your experience.