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In-App Chat
A two-way, back-and-forth conversation that a user can have inside your app with a customer representative. Usually, the user initiates this conversation because they need help, have a question, or want to report an issue.

Guest Services

The services, amenities, and help that the hotel provides for its guests.

Guest services include free morning orange juice and newspaper delivery.

Tickets for local shows are available to guests at the guest services desk in the lobby.

Guest services include concierge, room service, and laundry.

Hotel Compendium
A collection of hotel information which may include: Office hours, Important Telephone Numbers, Essential Services, Noise Regulations, Parking,
Wi-Fi/Internet/Smart Home Devices, Pay-TV/Streaming Service, Restaurant/Room Service, Local Restaurants, Local Attraction.

Meeting & Event Scheduling
The coordination of activities for meetings and events on a property. These may include Posting Agendas, Schedule Changes, Catering, Contract Signing, Document Collection, Guest Messaging, Notifications.

SMS Messaging
Text messaging that does not require an app to be downloaded to use.

In-Room Dining
Room service food delivery.

Geo-Location Based Ordering
The guest's device is located through GPS and allows guests to place an order to be delivered to their location.

The collecting and verifying of guest information before they check-in.

Push Notifications
(Geo-location, loyalty status, in-house status)

Link to Booking Funnel
The path a potential guest takes to make online reservations or direct bookings. Elements of the funnel include marketing different products, upgrading hotel rooms, and offering promotions.

Full Check-in
Have your identification, reservation confirmation, and form of payment (preferably a credit card with lots of room on it) at hand. This can include your driver's license, passport, and one or more credit cards.

Mobile Key
Also known as a digital key, a mobile key allows guests to unlock a door using an app on their smartphone, offering safer, more convenient, and more sustainable room access than a traditional plastic room key

In-Room Controls
Digital interfaces for room controls, including thermostat, lighting, window treatments, TVs, Voice Controls, etc.

Guest Profile Management
A record of every guest who has stayed at your property. A profile can include details like the guest's complete address and identification, previous reservations, notes, and comments.

ID Verification
An authentication process that compares the identity a person claims to possess with data that proves it. Many documents can serve as providers of this objective truth: birth certificates, social security cards, driver's licenses, and others.

Biometric Verificaiton
A security process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of individuals to verify they are whom they say they are. Runtriz utilized Facial Recognition.
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