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Access Your Staff Portal

Occasionally when receiving Support cases for a client they will ask for assistance with Passwords, Users, Content, and/or URLs. In order to locate the URL you can do the following:

Best Western

Upon receiving a Support case for a Best Western please ask for their Best Western Property # which should be a 5 digit number.


Once you receive this number plug the property number into the following URL:

1 Hotels / Treehouse Hotels

1Hotels / Treehouse Hotels use our standard URL procedure of For these hotels you will need to know which property contacted you and insert the first letter of their name into the URL. For example “1Hotel Central Park” is “1h_cp” while 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is “1h_bb”. Once you know the shortcode insert it in the following URL: London ONLY


Caesars has unique identifiers for each of their hotels. You can locate them in this Google Sheet.


Once you have found the “Shortcode”
(or identifier) you can play it into the following URL:

Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels uses a similar URL string as 1Hotels and the rest of our clients. You can use the same Google Sheet to locate their shortcode and then enter it into the following url:
(virginShortcode)/portal ← Edinburgh and Glasgow ONLY

Rest of Clients / Independents

Other clients tend to reach out to their Account Manager but may CC in the emails as well.

These clients use the same URL string as Virgin Hotels and 1Hotels. Simply locate their shortcode in the
Google Sheet and then enter it into the normal Runtriz URL: ←

US / CA / MX clients  ← European Properties

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