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New to Runtriz?

Make the most of Runtriz right away.


Join a live virtual training session that includes a product walkthrough, tips for success, and an opportunity to learn alongside others!


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What are Open Office Hours?

Open Office Hours are live webinar training sessions tailored to fit your property's needs in real-time while providing an open forum for all of your questions to be answered. Come pick our brains to learn new and exciting ways to expand your platform and get the most bang for your buck.


Still hesitant about attending our training sessions?

Provided below are some subjects which can be covered.

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Align the Best Western Mobile Concierge platform to fit your hotel's goals.

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Maintain an organized Request Management System.

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Access your platform in many

different ways.

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Increase guest engagement through marketing.

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Connect your platform to Wifi (WiFi Splash Page).

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Navigate both the guest-facing platform and staff portal.

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