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10 Ways Guests Prefer Using Your Hotel App During Their Stay

Research shows that guests who use a hotel's mobile app are more satisfied and have greater loyalty to that brand. Yet many hotels are still slow to implement an app and are therefore losing out on the customer relationship and financial benefits that accompany their use. Let’s take a closer look at 10 ways guests use a hotel app during their stay, and the benefits hoteliers enjoy when they use them.

Travel Guide

An app can include interactive property and area maps to help guests find their way around. You can highlight insider tips on dining options and attractions, along with pertinent info such as hours of operation. You can also include suggested itineraries based on guest interests. Guests appreciate the convenience of easily planning their days based around their personal preferences, and you gain efficiencies because staff members are no longer tied up answering the same questions over and over.

Automated Check-in Process

Today’s guests expect the convenience of an automated check-in process using their personal device. They’ll even choose one hotel over another based on the provision of this contactless service. By offering digital check-in and ID verification, you boost guest satisfaction by letting them skip the front desk congestion. Furthermore, it allows you to operate efficiently with less front desk staff – a crucial consideration in light of current labor shortages.

Mobile Key

Your guests expect instant access to their guest room using their personal device. Apps allow you to incorporate mobile key as part of the overall check-in process. You make guests happier by reducing wait times and you improve staff productivity – leaving them free to focus on higher-value interactions that create unforgettable stays. Using mobile key also eliminates the cost and hassle of dealing with key cards.

Direct Communication

Guest engagement is a key element of a hotel stay. In-app chat and direct messaging features make it easy for guests to interact with hotel staff in real-time. Guests receive instant personalized responses to requests, increasing loyalty, and hotels ultimately achieve financial gain through repeat business. In-app communication also delivers instant feedback, allowing hoteliers to nip any potential negative reviews before they happen.

Service Requests

Whether guests want more towels, a restocked minibar, or to schedule their housekeeping service for a convenient time, an app makes all this possible with a few taps on a guest’s personal device. Hotel apps ensure that you address guest service requests promptly, providing a better overall experience. On the back end, because you can easily see pending requests, it helps improve staff scheduling and productivity.


Research shows that the majority of your guests prefer self-service options through digital channels because they believe they get results faster, and they want the flexibility of 24/7 availability. A hotel app makes it easy for guests to make spa appointments, reserve golf tee times, or schedule personal trainer sessions whenever the mood strikes. This increases guest satisfaction and leads to greater staff efficiency since they’re no longer tied up relaying phone calls and messages for different departments.

Mobile Ordering

During the lockdown, consumers grew comfortable with mobile ordering and now expect that same convenience when staying at your hotel. Mobile ordering and mobile pay boosts efficiency and accuracy because orders come directly from the guest to the restaurant. You save money by eliminating paper menus and can make instant changes when certain dishes aren’t available. Guests can access nutrition information and view custom gluten-free or vegan menus, so team members no longer waste time in lengthy phone conversations discussing orders. Another bonus: research shows that guests may order up to 20% more when given the option of mobile ordering.

Personalized Promotions

Ninety percent of U.S. consumers actually like receiving personalized marketing content. Moreover, personalized mobile notifications, discounts and location-based marketing are among the top five personalization strategies most likely to increase brand loyalty. With an integrated app, you can access a guest’s full profile, giving you the ability to send targeted promotions and push notifications that align with their interests, or even their location on property.

More Control

An app enhances the stay experience by giving guests access to in-room controls. They can easily adjust lighting and room temperature to their preferences, and stream personal content on the in-room TV. Guests can also view their folio at any point during their stay, eliminating any confusion when it’s time to check out.

Auto Translate

Because advanced apps provide an auto-translate feature, it eliminates the need for multiple versions of printed materials. And within the messaging function, it removes any communication struggles between staff and guests, creating a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

Interested in gaining all the benefits of an app for your hotel property?


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