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5 Ways QR Codes Benefit Your Hotel Guests

In 2012, Inc. magazine reported that 97 percent of consumers didn’t even know what a Quick Response (QR) code was, and projected it would follow the path of the dinosaur into extinction. One decade later, 75.8 million smartphone users have made use of QR codes, and that number is projected to hit 99.5 million by 2025. People recognize that these simple little 2D barcodes help make life easier. Because they can simply scan a code with the camera feature on their smart device to be instantly connected to a customized website URL, digital document, text or chat windows, and more. As a result, we’re starting to see them pop up in multiple industries, including hospitality.

QR codes offer your hotel guests an easy convenience that enhances their stay, leading to greater loyalty and repeat business. And they deliver on these promises in a number of ways.

Guests Can Use Their Own Devices

Americans are addicted to their mobile devices and we are now living in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture. According to Pew Research, 85 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and that percentage is even higher among travelers in the growing Millennial and Gen Z groups. By implementing QR codes, you allow your guests to access information with their own trusted personal devices, something they increasingly prefer since when in-destination, 75 percent of travelers consider their smartphone their number one travel accessory.

Easy to Use

QR codes are easy to use, offering a fast, convenient way to access services guests desire. A QR code conveniently located on hotel lobby signage or sent in advance via a booking confirmation email can guide guests to an online check-in site where they can fill in all necessary information and avoid the frustrating wait in line at reception. A QR code can also serve as a hotel room key or provide instant access to hotel WiFi without the hassle of typing in passwords. In addition, demand for cashless, cardless payments are on the rise, with 71 percent of Americans using mobile wallet in the past 12 months. QR codes facilitate this payment method because all users have to do is perform a quick scan of the code to confirm payment.

Simplify Access to Your App

You may already know how much your hotel app can enhance each guest’s experience, but struggle when it comes to getting your guests on board to begin using the app. To make it easier for guests – and increase app adoption rates – you can simplify the entire process by sending guests a welcome email embedded with an App Store QR code. These codes remove the friction of requiring guests to first hunt through the appropriate App Store until they find the right one belonging to your hotel. Instead, a quick scan of the code instantly detects a device’s operating system and redirects users to the appropriate URL based on whether their device is running an Android OS or Apple’s iOS.

Satisfy Guest Demand for Contactless, Self-Service Solutions

According to the 2022 Lodging Technology Study, 52 percent of your guests prefer digital service encounters over physical interactions, and seven in 10 guests are looking for hotels offering self-service tech options. Your guests no longer want to flip through “dirty” in-room hotel guest directories to find maps and learn about the hotel services on offer. They prefer to scan a code with their smartphone and scroll through an easy-to-read gallery of available amenities along with descriptions, contact information, pricing, and the ability to book them. Hotel room fact sheets accessed through a QR code can include convenient instructions on how to use their personal devices to remotely set the smart thermostat and lighting or control the in-room TV, saving guests the trouble of calling reception for that information.

Quickly Deliver the Information Guests Want

When traveling, your guests already prefer using their smartphones to research nearby attractions, locate shopping areas and discover local restaurants. Why not make it even faster and easier for them to find the information they seek with QR codes that lead directly to curated information about the local area. You can place codes in places of high visibility around your property such as on digital signage in public areas, on tent cards, embedded on furnishings, on the back of the guest room door, and on the startup screen of the in-room TV. Codes can improve your guest experience by leading to specific URL landing pages or PDFs containing insider tips on local attractions, tailored lists for family-friendly or couple-oriented activities, restaurant recommendations for different types of cuisine, room service menus, and more.

Are you ready to start improving the guest experience with QR codes at your hotel?


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