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9 Ways Your Hotel App Can Help Optimize Your Valentine’s Day Traffic

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s the perfect time to create unforgettable romantic experiences for your guests. It’s also the perfect time to increase revenue by optimizing those experiences with clever strategies and the right hotel application. Here are nine ways your hotel app can help you get the most out of your holiday traffic.

Lists of Love

Your hotel app can serve as a travel guide for your guests, providing advice on the best places to go and what to do. Help guests maximize their stay by creating a curated list or interactive map of the most popular local spots for romance. Include parks, special points of interest, dining venues and off-the-beaten path gems in your city. Enhance the experience still further by allowing guests to easily make any bookings directly through the app.

Promote Romance Packages

Try teaming up with local restaurants, museums, theaters, wineries or venues hosting live music to create exclusive discounts and special packages featuring romance-inspired themes. Many couples choose Valentine’s Day as the perfect day to get engaged, so you can even consider creating a customizable proposal package. Send guests push notifications to promote them in advance of the holiday.

Cater to the Adventurous

Some of your guests may be on the more active side. Allow couples to make bookings through your app for outdoor activities such as surf or ski lessons, horseback riding, rock climbing, hot-air balloon rides or sunset cruises. You can also offer the ability to arrange for unique experiences that couples can share like classes for cooking, painting, pottery, dance lessons, chocolate or cocktail making.

Cater to the Cuddlers

In contrast to the adventurous, you may also have romance-seeking guests who simply don’t want to leave the hotel. With an app, your guests can seamlessly schedule in-house amenities, such as a couples massage followed by a private in-room or beachside candlelight dinner. Couples can even pre-arrange for breakfast in bed to be delivered each morning.

Make it Personal

An advanced app is integrated, allowing you to create robust guest profiles by drawing data from your property management, point-of-sale and customer relationship management systems. Use that data to make guests feel special by messaging them with personalized suggestions on area activities, local services and restaurants based on their specific interests.

A Customized Experience

The last thing a couple on a romantic getaway wants to do is arrive at your hotel only to wait in line at the front desk to check-in. An advanced app allows guests to check-in on their mobile device and head straight to their room, where mobile key gives them instant access. Plus, an app lets guests create the perfect ambiance with room automation features that allow them to control the lighting, thermostat, TV and drapes.

Create the Perfect Love Nest

Mobile ordering via an app helps guests create the perfect love nest (while boosting ancillary revenue in the process!) by offering options to purchase romantic items in advance of their arrival. Romance seekers will be delighted to open their guest room door to twinkling fairy lights and rose petals adorning the bed, champagne chilling, a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table beside chocolate-covered strawberries ready for nibbling. You can add romantic music to the mix by offering the option of a Bluetooth speaker in the room, so guests can connect their smart devices and enjoy their own music.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day

When planning ways to optimize your Valentine’s Day traffic, don’t leave out the single people! Send in-app promotions targeting your single guests, offering a self-love spa package, great “Galentine’s Day” activity suggestions or a complimentary drink when solo diners eat in your restaurant.

Do Not Disturb

One final touch! You can help your guests keep things romantic by limiting phone calls. An app allows them to communicate directly with staff – front desk, concierge, restaurant, housekeeping – via chat or text, so the romantic mood isn’t disturbed. Guests will also appreciate the ability to send and receive instant notifications, letting them know that their requests are fulfilled.

Need an app to help you get the most out of your holiday traffic?

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