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Give the Gift of Comfort with In-Room Controls

‘Tis the season to be thankful! And by incorporating in-room controls into your hotel app, you give your guests lots to be thankful for. This next wave of game-changing technology uses web-based or native apps in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to elevate the guest experience. It puts control in the palm of your guests’ hands via their personal devices, allowing them to enjoy a more personalized experience and the ultimate in in-room comfort.

The Ideal In-Room Environment

Two-thirds of households are already using smart devices in their homes. You can create a more cozy in-room experience for your guests by incorporating that same technology in your guest rooms. By utilizing your mobile app with IoT, your guests can control room elements without ever leaving their comfy bed. Using a smartphone, they can turn the lights on or off, switch on a “Do Not Disturb” sign, control the blinds, or adjust the room temperature to their desired preferences, making them feel right at home.

Entertainment at Their Fingertips

With the right app, a guest’s personal mobile phone or tablet can serve as the television remote control. A quick scan of a QR code, or integrated functionality, allows your guests to easily navigate the full TV experience from anywhere in the room. They can turn it on, set the volume, surf channels, order pay-per-view or on-demand shows right from their smart device. In addition, your guests can enjoy a more personalized “home away from home” entertainment experience through the ability to stream or cast directly to the TV – viewing personal content from their favorite media apps, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, HBOMAX and more. This is an important benefit since four-fifths of U.S. households now regularly use subscription streaming services.

Present the Power of Voice

Voice-activated devices and smart speakers in the guest room, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home, provide guests with the ability to control services with a few well-chosen words. Your guests can set alarms, listen to personal music playlists, and obtain key information such as the Wi-Fi password and restaurant hours. They can also request services on the fly, like asking for more towels or setting up the ideal time to have housekeeping clean the room. Messages are instantly relayed to the appropriate staff members for quick and easy fulfillment. And for FAQs, responses can be uploaded onto your mobile app platform so that the in-room device can respond immediately, no phone calls or visits to the front desk required.

Concierge & F&B with the Tap of a Screen

Your guests are increasingly concerned about sustainability. With web-based or native hotel apps, you can wave good-bye to bulky in-room compendiums. Instead, from the comfort of their room your guests will enjoy real-time access to hotel details, information about local events and attractions, and appreciate the ability view interactive maps on their laptops or personal devices. They can also easily peruse the room service menu, place customized F&B orders and track their food delivery without wasting precious time on stuck on the phone.

Create a Next-Gen Guest Experience

In addition to the current rise in guest control over the in-room environment, entertainment, and access to services, many high-end hotels are already providing luxury in-room options that will likely become mainstream down the road. With the right app in place, you’ll be prepared to provide these next-level services such as on-demand in-room workouts with top-certified fitness experts, automatic water temperature controls for showers and baths, and the ability for each guest to personalize their room décor by uploading artwork and personal photos to display around the room.

When you incorporate in-room controls in your hotel app, you build greater guest satisfaction, loyalty and earn repeat business by ensuring that your guests have a one-of-a-kind stay.

Would you like to foster a gratitude attitude by offering next-gen comfort to your guests?


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