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It’s Web Apps for the Win with Your Hotel Guests

Although native hotel applications offer some distinct advantages, today there’s a flattening trend of app downloads, with more than half of the mobile audience downloading zero new apps per month. The fact is, most people only engage with a small number of native apps on their personal devices, making web-based apps a great choice for hotels looking to connect with their guests in a personalized yet contactless way. Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why your guests prefer using a hotel web application.

No Installation Required!

According to research from Comscore, nine out of 10 app users focus their time among only five apps, none of which are designed specifically for hotel guests. Furthermore, 91 percent of people find it frustrating when a business forces them to download an app, and nearly 80 percent have abandoned a transaction when a business requires them to install one.

A web app caters to the preferences of the overwhelming majority of your guests because it doesn’t require the friction of downloading. Nor does it take up any of those precious megabytes of storage on your guests’ personal devices. Instead, web apps are easily accessible from the browser of any smartphone, tablet or other internet-connected device. They provide a convenient and direct way for guests to engage with your property before, during and after their stay.

All the Functionality of a Native App…But Better

While it’s true that your guests prefer avoiding the hassle of downloading an app, most still prefer that their hotel has an app that lets them completely manage their stay without having interact with anyone. Web applications offer your guests immediate accessibility to the self-service features they desire, regardless of what operating system is installed on their device.

The most commonly used web browsers – Chrome, Safari and Samsung Internet – allow your web-based app to interact with guests’ mobile device features in the same way a native app does, utilizing the camera, microphone and GPS functions to deliver engaging digital experiences.

Using smartphones, tablets, laptops or even wearables, your guests can do everything they’d do on a native app: pre-registration, contactless check-in/out, the ability to message hotel staff with questions, book activities, view digital compendiums and their folio, and place food-and-beverage (F&B) orders. But they can do it all with lower barriers to adoption, helping you attract and retain more guests – and enhance their satisfaction – by giving them greater control over their travel experience.

Easy Access with a QR Code

Quick Response (QR) codes have grown significantly in popularity over the past couple of years. And today, most people recognize the convenience that these small, square, pixel-laden grids provide when using digital devices that can read them. Instead of guests searching online to locate your specific hotel app, you can offer them easy access to your web application via a QR code. Post the code in strategic, easy-to-spot locations, such as on lobby signage, in elevators and on the in-room TV. Guests can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone camera to gain instant access.

You can even use codes to link to specific operations within your web app, like leading guests directly to your hotel’s latest events, spa treatment menu or area travel guides. This saves your customers time and effort by removing the need for them to start at the app home screen and then hunt for specific information.

The right hotel web application increases convenience and empowers contactless experiences, critical factors for achieving overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Interested in increasing guest satisfaction with the advantages of a web app?


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