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Attract and Retain Experience Seekers with the right Hotel Mobile App

People are tired of being cooped up and living “virtually” over the past year plus. Now more than ever, travel has become a top priority. But times have changed. Guest experience is no longer defined purely by what happens during a physical hotel stay. We are now living in the “Experience Economy” era.

A joint study between Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics revealed that 74 percent of American travelers value life-enriching experiences over material possessions. To be successful, hotel operators need to provide much more than a comfortable place to stay. They need to satisfy travelers who are seeking authentic experiences that are unique to the destinations they visit. Implementing the right mobile solution can help you attract and satisfy today’s Experience Economy traveler.

Simplify the foodie experience

For many experiential travelers, it’s all about the food. In fact, over a third of your guests take vacations to try local delicacies. And they expect your hotel to be the expert on the best places to go and what to eat. Instead of loading up guests with paper menus, a good mobile application can provide relevant food-and-beverage recommendations. Guests can access digital, interactive menus complete with mouthwatering images and restaurant locations.

Get out and explore faster with interactive maps

Your guests now expect to have more control over their experience from check-in to checkout. Rather than having guests wait in line to get printed paper maps and directions from harried front desk staff, a proprietary app allows you to put an interactive, digital map of the area right at your guests’ fingertips. Travelers who are itching to get out and explore can easily identify the locations of each point of interest.

Easily find the perfect adventure

With many travelers looking to avoid mass-tourism locations and packed tourist sites, adventure travel is a hot trend right now. Maybe your hotel has great hiking or skiing nearby. Or you may partner with local businesses that offer outdoor experiences like trekking, cycling, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking and whitewater rafting. By including active links to sites on your hotel application, you make it easy for guests to search for and book the excursions they’re looking for with just a few simple taps on the screen of their device.

Quickly discover local attractions

The right mobile app places a virtual concierge in the palm of your guests’ hands. From their smart device, guests have 24/7 access to information on hotel activities and local attractions. They can instantly see popular sites and off-the-beaten-path excursions. Clickable links make it easy for guests to purchase tickets or contact vendors to create a seamless experience. In addition, you reduce printing costs by eliminating the need to keep brochures, booklets and directories in every guest room.

Create more Zen for wellness seekers

Wellness tourism is on the rise. In the wake of the pandemic, a recent Wellness Tourism Association survey revealed that 74 percent of respondents were already planning wellness vacations. And catering to wellness travelers is lucrative. International wellness travelers spend 53 percent more than the typical international tourist, and domestic wellness tourists spend 178 percent more! An effective hotel app lets your guests easily schedule spa treatments right from their smartphone. You can also cater to those seeking specialized experiences, allowing them to book a session with a personal trainer, sign up for in an outdoor yoga class or participate in on-demand fitness classes.

The right experiences + the right mobile app = success

Almost half of experience bookings happen after travelers have arrived at your destination, and the majority of those happen on mobile. Nearly 90 percent of your guests want a hotel mobile app that lets them completely manage their stay without having to interact with a person, and when you offer this, you earn higher customer satisfaction ratings.

The right mobile application combined with the right experiences allows you to strengthen the emotional connection with your guests, differentiate yourself from your competitors and ultimately build loyalty.

Help your guests quickly find the authentic experiences they desire most during their stay.

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