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Why A Web App is a Good Idea for Your Hotel

Ninety percent of hoteliers recognize that customer-facing apps are crucial for successful customer engagement. However, many guests don’t want to download yet another app onto their devices, particularly if they’re not loyalty members. This is where a hotel can benefit from implementing a web app. With a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen of their smart devices, an effective web app allows your guests to instantly access front desk staff with questions, get insider tips on local sites, book a massage or order room service without the need to download anything. When you have a hotel web app that makes information, services and amenities more easily accessible, you will attract and retain more guests, and increase their satisfaction by giving them more control over their stay – which is exactly what today’s guests are looking for.

Let’s explore unique benefits your hotel will experience when employing a web-based application.


According to Deloitte’s 2021 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey, the average household has 11 connected devices. And your guests are bringing along an average of three of them when checking into your hotel. A major advantage of web-based applications is their portability. Web apps work on any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone – that has an internet connection and a supported browser, no matter what operating system is installed. This makes it easier for guests because there’s no software to download or install. It also lowers your costs, since you don’t have to create different versions of your app for Mac OS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Deep linking

Web-based applications include the advantage of deep links. A deep link is a URL that guides your guests directly to content within your app that’s relevant to their needs and interests, instead of requiring extra steps by first taking them to the app home screen. Deep links let you personalize your marketing campaigns and messaging in order to increase guest engagement. And according to TechCrunch, deep linking can double your retention rate and attract people to visit your app twice as often as they would visit an app that was not deep linked.

Easy to use

The overwhelming majority of travelers prefer their hotel to have an app that offers the ability to completely manage their stay without having interact with anyone. A web app provides an easy-to-use, efficient contactless solution that puts relevant information about your hotel and surrounding area at your guests’ fingertips. You can create QR codes, chat with guests, allow them to book services and amenities, and place food-and-beverage orders, along with the ability to make in-app payments.


The right web application allows you to send guests targeted promotions and customized content based on their preferences before, during and after a stay. This encourages repeat business, increases guest satisfaction and boosts revenue, with three out of four people acknowledging that the more personalization tactics a brand uses, the more loyal they are to that brand, and the more money they’ll spend.


Hoteliers often struggle with different software solutions that don’t communicate with each other. An advanced web-based app seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing a smooth transition from one platform to another. This improves overall guest services and leads to more efficient hotel operations. With the right app, your guests can easily check-in, book an excursion and arrange an Uber ride. And when it comes to back of house, your staff can monitor financial processes, stay on top of maintenance issues, control workflow and chat with fellow team members in real time.


Because web-based software doesn’t need to be installed or configured, it’s extremely flexible and can easily scale as your business needs change. In addition, whenever there’s an update to your server, it doesn’t require your guests to make any changes or modifications on their personal devices, creating a more positive guest experience.

An effective hotel web application provides an optimal way for you to engage with your guests – offering them all the information they need in one convenient place with no downloads required! It will help you generate more revenue, streamline operations and develop a loyal base of high-value guests.

Are you interested in having a web application developed for your hotel? Contact us today!

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