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Why Guests Want Mobile Concierge at Your Hotel

A good hotel concierge delivers a level of service that brings guests back to your hotel again and again. But as tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z grow in influence and spending power in the travel arena, expectations around what defines a concierge are changing. Seven out of 10 travelers “always” use their own mobile devices when traveling, expecting more self-service options and more control over their entire stay experience. Including mobile concierge functionality within your digital hotel app is something today’s travelers prefer for several important reasons.

No More Waiting

Even before the pandemic, your guests were getting tired of waiting in lines. In fact, a pre-COVID survey showed that 90 percent of Millennials are interested in checking in to a hotel through their mobile devices to skip slow service and long check-in lines in hotel lobbies. Mobile concierge makes the check-in process painless, offering the ability to digitally fill out any forms and handle ID verification at any time prior to arrival. And once check-in is complete, guests can instantly receive a digital key on their device. Upon arrival, interactive hotel maps can guide happy travelers directly to their room so they can get started on their vacation fun all that much sooner.

Get Personalized Recommendations On or Off Property

Guests staying at your hotel want to know details about hotel amenities, what exciting events may be happening in the area, as well as what interesting activities and attractions to check out. A mobile concierge puts all this information at their fingertips, along with the ability to filter it according to their interests and make bookings right within the app. Guests can quickly find top family-friendly sites, where the best hiking trails are, and which area restaurants offer authentic regional cuisine. And because the information is available on their personal device, it doesn’t matter whether they’re on property or off-site, looking for ideas about what to do next.

Make Reservations Anytime, Anywhere

Maybe it’s the end of a long day and your guests are out for dinner or relaxing in their room while planning their next day. Mobile concierge makes it easy to set up the next day’s itinerary with a few taps on the screen of their mobile device. Your guests can pre-arrange an Uber ride, book a tour, schedule golf tee times, arrange for a manicure and facial, or request a table at the hotel restaurant whenever the mood strikes. No lengthy phone calls required! Moreover, because guests are arranging everything themselves, there’s less risk of any mistakes being made, increasing their satisfaction with the entire hotel experience.

Request Services When Most Convenient

During a guest’s stay, there are often hotel services that they need or want to take advantage of. With mobile concierge, guests can instantly request things like more towels, different pillows, additional bath amenities, or specific items for their minibar. They can arrange in advance to have housekeeping come at the most convenient time for their schedule. And a mobile concierge can even go beyond traditional concierge duties, such as allowing guests to adjust room temperature and lighting just the way they like it through their own mobile device.

Faster, Personalized Responses

Mobile concierge includes two-way chat and direct messaging features to accommodate conversations with hotel team members, even before a stay. So, guests can arrange to have fresh flowers or a special treat waiting when they enter their guest room. And because guests get an instant, personalized response from a real person in real-time, questions and issues are quickly resolved, creating better experiences that increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Enjoy Flexible Dining Options

Perhaps a guest is lounging poolside and suddenly develops a craving for your signature appetizer and a fruity cocktail. They don’t have to leave their comfy spot to hunt for a waiter. Instead, with a swipe of their finger, they can place their order and have it delivered right where they sit. Or a hungry family on their way to your hotel can easily view all of your menu options, place their order and pay for it in advance so that their hot meal is ready for them when they arrive.

Mobile concierge functionality within your hotel app empowers you to create a more enjoyable, memorable, and personalized stay for your guests. And isn’t that what true hospitality is all about?

Would you like to increase guest satisfaction through Mobile Concierge at your hotel?


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